Friday, November 22, 2019

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Last Updated: 24-Oct-18 06:31

Kiss of the Spider Woman Audition Notice

Director Christopher Brauer                                    Music Director –Paula Potosky

Choreographer: Robert Boge

Principle Rehearsals begin April 25th or 26th, 2019

Ensemble Rehearsals begin April 30th, 2019

Opens: May 21st, 2019 RMTC Warehouse Closes: May 25th, 2019

Auditions will be held...

Saturday, November 17th & Sunday November 18th, 2018

(Dance Call & Call backs will be held on Sunday November 18th)

U of W Asper Centre for Theatre and Film, 400 Colony Street at Ellice


PLEASE EXPRESS INTEREST BY Friday October 26th, 2018

to the attention of Donna Fletcher (

E-mail subject line: Kiss of the Spider Woman – Auditions

Only electronic submissions will be accepted


Please include the following in your e-mail submission:

1. Indicate preferred audition date and the character for which you would like to audition.

2. Please attach a current resume and headshot.

In Person Auditions will be granted at the discretion of the creative team.

Only those selected for an audition will be contacted. For those who cannot attend, video auditions may be considered.

Equity members cast in this production will be engaged under a CAEA ITA contract.

Equity members will be given first priority. Submissions by Non-Equity members are welcome.


Audition requirements: Actors will be asked to prepare character specific songs and sides from Kiss of the Spider Woman. Familiarity with the material is strongly advised but the sides do not need to be memorized.

An Accompanist will be provided. The role of Mama has been cast.

All audition material can be found at on Friday October 26th, 2018.

About the play: The Tony-award winning story revolves around the lives of two cell mates in a Latin American prison - one is a Marxist revolutionary and the other a gay window dresser. As their friendship deepens, the window dresser introduces his cell mate to his escapist fantasy world of the classic movies he loved most as a child, and to the “Spiderwoman”, a beautiful enchantress who helps him pass the time and ease the pain.

Character Breakdown

Aurora (The “Spider Woman”) - Age 30’s - 60’s. Strong Alto/Mezzo: Bottom Low C# (Please note that range will be negotiable depending on individual actor’s vocal strength).

Attractive, menacing, mysterious, loving & seductive. Open to all ethnicities.

Must be a strong dancer.

AURORA Sides – Please prepare both songs

I DO MIRACLES –If the low notes are completely out of range, please replace low C’s with low F’s and low D’s with low G’s

KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN – If the notes are out of range, feel free to either “ghost” the low C sharps or replace them with low F sharps.

Molina - 20’s - 30’s. Strong acting, strong Bari-tenor: Top F#.

Flamboyant, effeminate & compassionate. Former window-dresser who escapes into a world of Hollywood fantasies. Open to all ethnicities. Dance experience is an asset.

MOLINA Sides - Please prepare all sides and both songs

Valentin - 20’s - 30’s. Strong acting, Strong Tenor or high Bari-Tenor: Top A.

Fierce revolutionary, passionate about his cause. Open to all ethnicities.

VALENTIN  Sides – Please prepare sides and both songs
A note - Marta (Over the Wall) – sing only Valentin’s line as marked – not the Prisoner’s part

Marta - 20’s-30’s. Moderate acting, Strong Musical Theatre Soprano: Top F.

Valentin’s love interest. Sweet and caring, mysterious in her own way. Open to all ethnicities. Will potentially double in various roles - townsfolk, Aurora’s fantasy women, prisoners, etc.

(Dance call not required)

MARTA  Sides – Please prepare the side and one song

Warden - 30’s-60’s. Strong acting, Moderate Baritone: Top F.

A bland-seeming bureaucrat, but in truth is cruel and conniving. He manipulates Molina.

Open to all ethnicities.

WARDEN  Sides – Please prepare all sides and both songs

Gabriel - 20’s-30’s. Moderate Acting, Strong Baritone: Top G.

A waiter who is trying to pass as straight - befriends Valentin. Also doubles in the ensemble.

Open to all ethnicities.

GABRIEL  Sides – Please prepare side and one song

Male Ensemble - 20’s - 40’s, strong singers, dancers and movers. Open to all ethnicities.

(Will play various roles – a work colleague, guards, Aurora’s fantasy men, prisoners, etc.)

ENSEMBLE & GUARD  Sides – Please prepare Guard sides and one song

Additional Information:

Copies of the script are available for perusal. To request a copy of the script please e-mail

Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement: Dry Cold Productions encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, age or orientation.