Wednesday, April 08, 2020

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Last Updated: 06-Jan-20 09:46

Celebrate 20 years of DRY COLD!

The Last Resort Audition Notice

Director – Ann Hodges   Music Director – Cary Denby
Set Designer – Brian Perchaluk   Lighting Designer – Scott Henderson           

Rehearsals begin May 4th, 2020 at the U of W Theatre Department


Opening May 26th @ MTYP; Closing May 30th, 2020

Auditions will be held...

February 10 -12, 2020 with Potential Callbacks February 13th, 2020


PLEASE EXPRESS INTEREST BY January 12th, 2020 to the attention of:
Donna Fletcher @ ( 


E-mail subject line: The Last Resort – Auditions
Only Electronic submissions will be accepted.


Please include the following in your e-mail submission:

1. Indicate preferred audition date and the character for which you would like to audition.

2. Please attach a current resume and headshot.

In Person Auditions will be granted at the discretion of the creative team.
For those who cannot attend, video auditions will be considered.
Equity members will be given first priority.  Submissions by Non-Equity members are welcome.

Equity members cast in this production will be engaged under a CAEA ITA contract.  


Audition requirements: Actors selected for auditions will be asked to prepare character specific songs and sides from The Last Resort.  Familiarity with the material is strongly advised but the sides absolutely do not need to be memorized.  An Accompanist will be provided.  

Additional Information: Copies of the script are available for perusal.  To request a copy of the script please e-mail
About the play:  This is a rollicking murder mystery/comedy/musical.  A New York restaurant owner on the run from the mob arrives in the last place on earth he thinks they might find him - the Last Resort Hotel in rural Saskatchewan.  He is sure a hit man has tracked him down, but which of our characters is it? Is it one of the identical twin sisters?  The police inspector? The older couple on their second honeymoon?  The strange hotel proprietress?  Or the agent assigned to protect him and play his wife?  The Last Resort is where you want to be, especially if you have a secret.  Before you can say 'whodunit', there are complications, and of course, music.  This hilarious musical combines the winking wit of Norm Foster with the clever lyrics & music of Leslie Arden. 

Character Breakdown

Nick Galeazzo - Male, 30s, Baritone
A proud Italian restaurant owner on the run from the mob, he's 100% slick New York City Italian.  A smart dresser, he's rich, romantic and a bit paranoid. 

Angela Miller - Female, 30s, Mezzo Soprano
A tough as nails FBI agent, "you can't afford to have emotions in my profession” type, yet she's hiding something inside — an inner core of pure romance perhaps?

Sid Barzini - Male, 30-50s, Baritone
A tacky but rich carpet salesman, he's full of bad jokes, tight with his money and in bed…he likes to sleep. He's a beer-loving, fishing trip man's man. 

Liz Barzini - Female, 30-50s, Soprano
Sid's equally tacky wife — all money, no taste. She loves to talk and talk loud — but all she really wants is romance and a good set up for her bad punch lines. 

Trent Balfour - Male, 30s, Tenor
A pompous poet, an intellectual Lothario, he attempts to seduce women constantly with his randy rhyming couplets and half-witted haikus.  He’s attractive and dangerous.

Jessica/Julia Youngstead - Female, 20-30s, Mezzo or Soprano with belt
A dual role - playing twin sisters - both are beautiful news anchorwomen, each with their very own distinct personality:
Julia - sweet innocence, careful, shy and oblivious to her own beauty.
Jessica - a sultry villainous vamp, she's sarcastic and short-fused.

Inspector Closely - Male, 40-50s, Bass-Baritone
Take William Shatner's intensity and the crime solving abilities of Colombo and Inspector Clouseau, add an RCMP uniform and stir! 

Freda Heitz - Male, 40-50s, Baritone
A mysterious German chanteuse with a hefty set of liners — she’s sarcastic, she's sexy, and she's a man!  (This role is to be played by a man.)

Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement: Dry Cold Productions encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, age or orientation.


Dry Cold is celebrating 20 years – Join us in our landmark Anniversary!

Ethno-cultural mandate or ethno-cultural casting statement: Dry Cold Productions encourage submissions from artists of all backgrounds regardless of race, age or orientation.